Join Our Partner Program (And Earn Amazing Money in 2018) by Ian Hollander/ MindfulMarketplace

Join Our Partner Program (And Earn Amazing Money in 2018)

Join the Inspired Author Affiliate Program & Earn Amazing Money Helping Other Enlightened Entrepreneurs, Transformational Teachers and Inspirational Architects Change The World


We're hiring!  (And a great joint venture opportunity to partner with us and earn great money in 2018)

  • Our Mission:  To help our clients reach 1 Million new readers & students in 2018 - with innovative, out of the box growth strategies uniquely suited for mindful marketers, inspirational authors and "enlightened" entrepreneurs.   
  • We'll do that by teaching a new generation of inspirational authors, transformational teachers, blogging bodhisattva's & purpose driven professionals how to do
  • what you love, teach what you know and wake up the world with your work.    
  • This means you'll publish books. Teach courses.  Build blogs.  Create communities.  And make money with marketing that is MEANINGFUL, magical, ethical, FUN and aligned in the spirit of service.

How you can help?

  • Partner with us.  Our agency is launching NEW offers that pay $1000 for each referred new client.   Know any aspiring authors, transformational teachers, creative coaches or online entrepreneurs who want to build "BUZZ" for their books, blog, brand or business?  Those are OUR people - and if you know them, we'd love to pay you (really well!) to help us find them!
  • And we treat your referrals like we treat our partners, our clients and our community.   Like family.
  • How to get started:

  • 1.Sign up!  (use the sign up/registration form on this page)
  • 2. Next - simply login to your community dashboard and tell us how to pay you.  (PayPal is the only option now - but several others coming in the next few weeks)
  • 3. Then, simply pick the products, programs and services that most resonate with you - and that match your own audience - be they friends, family, professional peers or your own online audience.   We'll have a full suite of new offers launching starting this week (Jan 8th) and all sorts of exciting new products and programs in the works.
  • Simply stated:  Our mission is to offer elite level, world class PLATFORM creating,, brand building, impact making, online marketing services for passionate, purpose driven AUTHORS, teachers, trainers, helpers, healers and enlightened entrepreneurs who truly want to change the world with their work - and we need all the help we can get.  

Alone we can change a neighborhood, but together we can change the world.

What's included?

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We Help Enlightened Entrepreneurs Tell Stories That Change the World

 Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.

We're launching on June 5th.  Sign up to get notified when we're live!